Voice Services

SwitchSpace Inc.’s comprehensive portfolio of voice origination and termination services can provide the cornerstone for business communications. From simple to complex, we have the services to support your local-to-global telephony infrastructure. We offer both TDM and IP interconnections, and support your transition between the two technologies. SwitchSpace Inc. has the VoIP experience, the network, and the coverage to support your voice needs with low costs and a quick time to market.


  • Domestic
  • International

SwitchSpace Voice Termination solution is competitively priced on a per-minute basis and managed aggressively in real time, allowing for a success based investment in your voice business. The solution allows you to buy services based on what you need to provide to your wholesale customers and retail end users. Because we manage your service in real time, you’re protected from fluctuations in demand and voice termination rates.

Not all carriers and resellers have the same business requirements. SwitchSpace International and Domestic Voice Termination service offering, provides a broad range of customizable routing, pricing, and billing increment options. Whether you are selling services into the wholesale or retail markets, you can get the right combination of pricing and performance to meet your specific needs.

Managing voice business with agility

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Real Time Pricing
  • Real Time Routing


  • Domestic
  • International
  • Toll-Free
  • DID Portability

SwitchSpace has extensive USA DID resources, allowing you to order Flat rate Incoming (by port) or per minute from the many rate centers we offer.

DID origination is perfect for companies that wish to have direct numbers in desired markets and virtual offices, as well as calling card providers.

Because our network is virtually ubiquitous, we enable you to expand your reach across the country while simultaneously reducing your inbound transport costs.

SwitchSpace also offers local DID origination in more than 30 different countries.

VoIP DIDs Technical Specs:

  • VoIP Protocol: SIP/H323
  • Codec: G.711, G.729, T.38


SwitchSpace’s Toll-Free Origination service is a cost-effective way for service providers to support their customer’s inbound toll-free traffic.

SwitchSpace has Toll-Free coverage for USA, Canada.

SwitchSpace provides high quality service levels comparable to traditional TDM that give our customers piece of mind.